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Kern River Camping – 2018

The Kern river provides some of the best camping in Southern California. With many of the campgrounds located directly adjacent to the river, ample fishing, rafting and simply enjoying the riverĀ is available to campers.

The Kern river is generally divided into two different sections: Upper Kern and Lower Kern. More campgrounds are available on the Upper Kern than on the Lower. To also differentiate, we have added Kernville Camping, these are campgrounds located in or very close by to Kernville, CA.

Public and private campgrounds on the Kern river

Public campgrounds are managed by the USDA / Reserve America. Theses campsites vary in terms of amenities, such as water, RV hookups, and showers.

Private campgrounds are owned by companies and often provide more amenities than public campsites including laundry, flush bathrooms, showers and complete RV hookups.. Many, if not all, also have a designated camp host.

Upper Kern Camping

Campgrounds on the Upper Kern River, north of Kernville.

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Kernville Camping

Kernville has a handful of campgrounds located in or right next to town.

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Lower Kern Camping

Camping options along the Lower Kern River.

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Lake Isabella Camping

Campgrounds situated around Isabella Lake.

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